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Our Focus

Ultimately what drives us is our passion for a good doing and robust maternal merino ewe. An animal that;

  1. Stands well from day one, to when they leave the farm

  2. Cuts 8 - 10% of their standard reference weight

  3. Grow at 350gms per day to day 130

  4. Lambs at 12 months of age

  5. Weans 150% lambs 

  6. Highly resistant to foot rot, worms, flies and dag

  7. Hits our joining targets with ease, as well as maintaining this condition throughout hard times on an 18-micron ewe.

In 2012 we set-out to remove noise from our high rainfall merino enterprise and provide our business with options. Through the introduction of industry-leading genetics via AI, we have dramatically improved the flock performance and profitability through;

  1. Improved dag resistance

  2. Improved fertility

  3. Reduced lamb deaths

  4. Improved fly strike resistance

  5. Decrease breach wrinkle

  6. Improved sheep structure

  7. Increased worm resistance

  8. Good wool colour

  9. Reduced percentage of slow growing weaners. 


Future Direction

In 2022, a total of 60 traits were measured and recorded for each of the ’21 drop rams from joining of their dams to hogget age, to refine selection and provide accurate ASBVs for the genetics we sell each year.


Burnbrae has been undertaking full pedigree since 2018, with the inclusion of full genomics to be introduced in 2023 across the stud to improve greater accuracy and expedite genetic gain.

The genetic trends over the last decade

Welfare + Production + Reproduction

Burnbrae Poll 2022 Newsletter

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