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2023 Sale

September 20

Three Generations of Genetic Gain


Burnbrae Poll Merino Stud

BURNBRAE POLL MERINO STUD is a local family-run ram producer that has been supplying rams to local producers for 25 years. We are continually striving to not only breed rams for fleece weight and micron, but highly reproductive, good doing sheep which are both resistant to fly strike and worms. 

RWS Certified Mules Free


Over the last two decades, Burnbrae Poll Merino Stud has kept its breeding philosophy relatively unchanged, with the aim to continually produce the most profitable genetics.

The incorporation of industry-leading genetics along with the Stud's own genetics, have been used to focus on maximising; growth rates, fleece weight, reproduction, staple strength and staple length, while maintaining fiber diameter and selecting for worm and fly strike resistance.

The repeatability and accuracy of these traits is key to the success of Burnbrae Poll Merinos.

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Labor Saving

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Burnbrae Poll has been focused on four core areas: 

      - Number of Lambs Weaned

      - Eye Muscle Depth

      - Yearling Clean Fleece Weight

      - Post Weaning Weight

The stud has an unwavering passion for the removal of labor saving units through the welfare traits of; 

      - Yearling Worm Egg Count 

      - Late Dag

      - Early Breech Wrinkle

      - Condition Score

We believe chemicals are only a short-term solution to the larger problems surrounding:

      -Fly strike,

      - Worms

      - Foot Rot

With our selection pressure on worm resistant sheep and low dag animals we can start to reduce chemicals as well as the risk of resistance within the flock.  


199 Wisharts Rd. Inverleigh 3321



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